Tinkle Your Adventurous Side with an Exhilarating Trekking Trip in Bangalore

If you think that Bangalore is a packed city and there is nothing much to do therein than you are mistaken. Once you begin to think, you will get a lot of spots right in and around Bangalore. Many of you might be having liking for trekking and adventure right? Well, if it is so, you need not to feel disappointed. Exactly, Bangalore has some spots for trekking lovers too.

Trekking in Bangalore is not a big deal if you have kept your eyes and ears open. There are so many adventure groups and organizations that organize trekking trips on weekends. Or if you want, you can go out for trekking with your friends yourself only.

Kunti Betta Trek, Pandavpura (3135 feet)

Kunti Betta trek is near Pandavpura on way from Bangalore to Mysore. The spot is well-known for night trekking. An interesting thing about this trek is that you can go for night trek throughout the year.

What to see at this spot?

  • Here you can witness remote villages of Karnataka right from summit
  • From the hill top, you can have a look at the Tonnuru lake
  • There are Ancient temples too
  • And off course, you can enjoy Jaggery and lush greenery on your way.
  • Don’t forget to carry along a camera to capture these distinct and beautiful sites!

Kabbal durga night trek

Kabbal durga trek always reserves it to the list of short trekking places near Bangalore. It is just one day trek. People also love to go to this spot for the night trek too. The trek distance at this spot is two to three kilometres. And the level is easy to medium. And the best part is that it is at a distance of just 80 kilometres from Bangalore.

What to see at this place?

If you relish sites and spots apart from trekking then you can enjoy the following things here:

  • There is a popular temple of Kabbalamma at the top. Relish the environs sitting at the top and feel the ambience. Apart from this, you can enjoy the hypnotic views of steep monolithic rocks, ancient water pool and abandoned rock house.
  • The best time to visit this spot is: Day trek can be carried out during any time of the year but the steep rocks can get slippery I case attempted during the time of night.

Nishani-Motte Circuit Trek

 If you want to become a part of an organized trekking trip then you should not miss out this trekking venture. It is going too held on Friday 16th June, 2017 from 9:00PM to Sunday 18th June 2017 8:00PM! The trekking trip is getting organized by Nature Walkers.

Nishani Motte falls in the range of Bhagamandala (Talacauvery) range, Coorg. The spot is around 335 kilometres from Bangalore. The trek distance from the base spot Talacauvery is about 13 to 14 kilometres. You just have to spend 3199 rupees for getting yourself reserved for this adventure.


Thus, whether an organized or an unorganized one, trekking will surely fill you with a lot of rejuvenation. Simply check out the preferred trekking destination and enjoy!