Cape Cod’s best seafood places

The Brewster Fish House

This exceptional seafood restaurants near me is known for its solid after among nearby fish mates. Angle specials are offered every day, and also a great exhibit of fine wines. The Brewster Fish House is one of the most tasteful of the Cape Cod fish eateries and is known for its rich style and aesthetic nourishment introductions.


Known for its heavenly shrimp, lobster, and chowder, Quarterdeck has for some time been a noteworthy player in the Cape Cod fish scene for more than three decades and has constructed a sizable customer base. A portion of the wood in the building dates the distance back to seventeenth century pilgrim times. It’s an immaculate spot for any individual who might want to eat or supper at a notable area.

 The Lobster Pot

This world class, grant winning foundation is the ruler of the Cape Cod fish eateries. The seafood restaurants near me highlights waterfront lounge areas with a delightful perspective of the adjacent harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. The Lobster Pot has a huge fish menu, and the greater part of the things on it are accessible beginning at lunchtime. Its celebrated Tim’s Clam Chowder is known all through New England. The Lobster Pot offers the ideal mix of environment and extraordinary fish.